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Stability, high performance, redundancy and durability are major factors common to 24/7 live streaming and endurance racing alike.

We’ve partnered with KartPlanet for their annual 24 Hours of Prague, a major SodiWSeries racing event. A motor race of such scale is not only being able to set a fast lap, but also about management, determination and most importantly - persistence.

At the event our team was tasked with producing a livestream for the entirety of the event and delivering to multiple platforms for all fans, friends and family members to enjoy. Thanks to our infrastructure and skilled team the event was represented online with great quality and supreme reliability.


Tomáš Cagaš, Operational Manager

"Our aim was to broadcast our flagship event - the 24 Hours of Prague - live on the internet. The entire production and live video streaming was handled by 24LIVELY. For the first time we streamed the entire event seamlessly and to multiple platforms. It was accompanied by multiple camera views, live commentary, interviews with the drivers and racing team members. All in all, I can say we’ve successfully put to test the resilience of our racing teams as well as reliability of streaming servers"

​​📍 Prague, Czechia

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