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How does it work?

Streaming Server

We provide streaming servers which let you livestream your video, nonstop, 24/7 in a loop to your channel.

Server System Access

Our primary focus is stability, so we’ve decided to trade comfort of an interface and remote access for supreme reliability. Our servers are designed without a client interface and the server system will not be accessible to you.

How does it work?

Once you order a server on our website, you will get access to our form where you can send us your files. After that our server administrators deploy and configure your server. This includes start of your stream and - if needed - also the stop. Everytime a change takes place on your server you will receive an email.

Video Lenght vs. Video File Size

The length of the video is not important to us. The file size on the other hand, must fit the limit of your server. I.e. the ~ 1.5 hours MP4 is an estimate of how long a video could fit into the 5GB limit.

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