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Streaming Platforms

Setup your Livestream


Go to your YoutubeLive Studio by clicking  Create  in the top right and then  Go Live

If you get a message "Your creator journey begins" you need to create your channel first

Create Channel

  • Click  Get Started  and choose your name

  • Click  Create Channel

  • Now you need to  Verify  your Channel

When your Live Studio opens but you get a message "Live streaming isn't available right now", you need to Verify your channel first

Verify Channel

  • Click on your channel picture and go to your  Youtube Studio

  • In the Studio click on  Settings  in the bottom left

  • In Settings go to  Channel,  then  Feature eligibility,  then click on Features that require phone verification and click on  VERIFY PHONE NUMBER

  • Once you verify your phone number you have to wait 24 hours before you can start your first stream (You can start acquiring all your files in the meantime)

If you haven't streamed on Youtube before you will be presented with a Welcome message

Choose the Later date option - click on  START

Then choose Streaming software - click on  GO


Click Schedule Stream in the top right

And fill your information (date and time does not affect when the stream will start)

Click Create Stream and your stream's Dashboard should open

Here you'll find your streaming key and you can change the title, thumbnail and description of your stream by clicking  EDIT

Now your channel is ready for it's first stream

Watch our video above on how to set up multiple live streams on your channel

Share link to stream

In the Stream Dashboard click on ⮫ Share in top right


Go into your settings

Click on  Channel and Videos  and your channel dashboard should load

On the left panel click on  Stream. Your stream key is under  Primary Stream key

To change the title, category and settings of your stream - go to  Stream Manager  on the left panel and click  Edit Stream Info

To change the panels under your stream - go to your channel, click on your profile picture, scroll down and choose  Edit Panels

Setup Twitch
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